Was your website launched 2+ years ago?

It’s 2019 so time to move on. With the increasing use of mobile devices, today, single page long scrolling websites are growing more popular. It is easier for a user to scroll on a smaller screen than navigate to other pages.

Take your business website to the next level and save over £300

The popularity of small screen devices like mobile phones and tablets made long scrolling websites more significant.

Moreover, users preferred scrolling sites over tapping between pages, due to easy control and accuracy that can be done using fingers.

Considering the fact that mobile users have now surpassed desktop users, it can be easily concluded that long scrolling sites will grow in popularity to become a timeless technique.

Early Bird Announcement! For All Lincolnshire Businesses

We are offering Lincolnshire Businesses to have their business website redesigned into a long scrolling website at a very special price and payment options.

We will redesign and build you a brand-new long scrolling website with the payment spread over three months interest-free for just £265 per month – the website can be finished and live before all three payments are completed. This will also be a great time to update your website content at no extra charge as well.

Or get 20% Discount

Or pay in full up front and receive 20% discount reducing the price to just £636.

This offer expires on 30th May and the price will revert to the non-offer price of £945. Registering your interest now would put in the frame for a £309 saving against the usual price.

As long as you register your interest on or before 30th May you will qualify to have your website redesigned at this special price, even if you don’t want to go ahead until later in the year.

Go to the link below for details.


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